Table of Contents (by date):

The Carceral Continuum: An interview with Caleb Smith, author of The Prison and the American Imagination, about our society’s conceptions of “the criminal,” “the prisoner,” and “the disciplinary institution.”

The Women of WORTH: An advocacy group of and for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women take on the challenge of criminal justice reform.

CONTROL: The Rise of Extreme Incarceration A trailer for the feature documentary currently in production by Muralla Media Works.

Rights for Imprisoned People with Psychiatric Disabilities want to end the criminalization of mental illness in NYC.

When Radio Goes Silent: An interview with sound artist Zach Poff and a look at his new piece, Radio Silence.

Fighting Prisons: A video round up of anti-prison activism straight from the 2010 US Social Forum, Detroit. Includes interviews with Critical Resistance, AFSC, Repeal Coalition, and Generation Five.

Eastern State
The Invention of Solitary: Eastern State Prison opened its doors in 1829 in Philadelphia. It was the worlds first penitentiary system based on solitary confinement.

Oral History
The Story All Around Us: A group of youths in Crown Heights are documenting their neighborhood’s oral history.

Quiet Time: Practitioners of Vipassana meditation observe silence for 10, 20, even 60 days at a time.

Eastern State
Tale of a Walled Town: The story of Clarence Alexander Rae, a poet who was incarcerated in solitary confinement in Eastern State Penitentiary.

George Prochnik
Pursuit of Silence: An in depth interview with author George Prochnik about his new book that examines the valuable role silence plays in our lives.

NEPU Mic’d: Visit with members of the New England Phonographer’s Union during a recording session and performance.

Silent Worship: The Brooklyn Friends Meeting house is a gathering place where Quakers meet to worship in silence.

Act Up
Silence=Death: Avram Finkelstein, a member of the Silence=Death Project, talks about AIDS, ACT-UP, institutional silence, Holocaust imagery, street art, and the making of an iconic political image.

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