Engineering Laboratory

    "Digital audio codec National Engineering Laboratory" is approved by the National Development and Reform Commission on February 26, 2009 construction. Engineering Laboratory is based on the unit Guangzhou Sheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City Construction Site Set construction period of two years. 

     Engineering Lab will focus on the development needs of digital audio and video broadcasting, multimedia communications, audio-visual consumer electronics and other industries, the development of audio optimization algorithm, a variety of platforms audio codec library, developed a dedicated digital TV audio codec chip, professional real-time audio hardware encoders, and on the existing basis, the construction of digital audio sound quality evaluation, testing codec technology, codec technology software development, hardware development, etc. codec technology research platform to promote related audio and video codec terminal products industry, promoting China overall technical progress and scientific and technological achievements of audio and video industry transformation, enhance independent innovation capability in the field of digital audio codec actively completed research projects commissioned by the national authorities to carry out key technologies related industries, it is important to study and formulate technical standards, cohesion, culture industry needed technical innovation talent. Run through the establishment of mechanisms to promote the sound development of the National Engineering Laboratory, prompting laboratories to better serve the country and the industry.