Key Laboratory of Digital Audio

   "Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Digital Audio" by the Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Sheng organization, South China University of IC Design Center to participate in a common building, belonging to the Provincial Key Laboratory of Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province. Labs in August 2005 to enter the construction phase, to be completed by the end of 2008 construction. 

   Key Laboratory of Digital Audio digital audio and video around the needs of the industrial work, combined with advanced and practical in accordance with the principles of limited objectives breakthroughs further unite research objectives, the digital audio codec technology as a research focus, and strive to make our province figures audio industry leader. Currently the province due to a lack of independent intellectual property rights of core technologies, has seriously affected the competitiveness and sustainability, innovation has become the key factor restricting audio and video industry in our province survival and development. To solve the above problems, the Guangdong provincial government held a special conference in June 2005 and presented at the meeting clearly established by the Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Sheng organization "Digital Audio Laboratory." Laboratory needed discipline development, established five main research directions: algorithm, encoding and decoding equipment, codec software, application solutions, basic technology research. Laboratory has been established, through the construction of three years, completed the task of building the project contract requirements, to achieve the desired development goals. May 14, 2009, the laboratory passed the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department of acceptance, and in June 23, 2009 officially Award.