Digital terrestrial television

    DRA became standard, the company focused on industrial applications and promotion, technical support to build a strong platform to complete the technical development and testing DRA technology fit a variety of application environments, application product development organization, has made tremendous progress: 

    1 In the mobile multimedia broadcasting (CMMB), and was identified as an audio broadcast standards, has been broadcast in more than 100 cities across the country with the DRA encoded digital broadcast signals. 

    2 digital cable network in Guangzhou DRA completed application experiments, DRA formed a complete production system, is preparing for the launch of high-fidelity format using DRA surround music and high-definition digital TV programs, is expected in 2009 can cover about 10 million users . 

    3 Blu-ray HD DVD was developed application areas, including through the International Council of Hollywood Blu-ray, Panasonic, Sony, composed of 18 multinational rigorous technical testing and evaluation, was officially accepted as a Blu-ray Disc audio format. Industrial development DRA, has led to a large number of chips, machine and system manufacturers to develop and integrate the DRA, the core technology to achieve the final product transformed by industrialization practice also tested the DRA technology advancement and maturity prove DRA has had the cross, large-scale industrial conditions.