DRA technology

DRA is a new generation of digital audio codec technology, can provide users with high-quality digital music experience at lower bandwidth utilization. DRA Rising from Guangzhou Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") develops and owns all intellectual property rights. 

       Chip manufacturers DRA certification license for the company to carry out the main areas of consumer electronics and digital audio-related software vendors, module manufacturers and end-product manufacturers. 

       DRA certification license follows a model of a certification; principles of a model of a permit. DRA technology without principle, apply for certified products DRA license. DRA does not apply for the license of the enterprise does not provide authentication services and DRA DRA technical support services. 

       Users can choose the following path DRA certification license. 

       ● Path one: Regional single product license 

       ● Path II: regional non-single product license 

       ● Path III: Global single product license 

       ● Path Four: global non single product license


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