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March 18, 2009, the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), China Hualu Group, Guangzhou Sheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing announced: DRA technology has been available as a selection of Blu-ray Disc format decoding technology, BD-ROM to be written version 2.3 format. This means, DRA technology has become the world's next generation of Blu-ray high-definition standard - part of the Blu-ray Disc format. DRA digital audio standards into the Blu-ray disc standard, will compete with world-class standards of China's digital audio technology thus to the world.


China formally integrated into the DRA digital audio technology Blu-ray Disc format 

SAN FRANCISCO March 18 morning news, Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), China Hualu Group, Guangzhou Sheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing announced: DRA (Digital Audio Codec) technology has been available as a Blu-ray disc format Selected decoding technology, version 2.3 is written to BD-ROM formats. DRA is China Guangzhou Sheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd. developed digital audio decoding technology. This means that, independently developed by China's DRA technology has become the world's next-generation HD DVD disc standard - part of the Blu-ray Disc format. 

"DRA accepted into the Blu-ray disc format has milestone, which provides more choices for consumers around the world," said Mr. Roel Kramer, president of the Blu-ray Disc Association, said, "Blu-ray Disc Association highly respected China, we are Blu-ray Disc format integrate technology in China are very pleased. "

DRA is the result of the integration of Blu-ray Disc Association Technical Committee under the Special Working Group on the audio codec and China Hualu Group and Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Sheng engineers have worked closely, but also in-depth communication between Chinese enterprises and the Blu-ray Disc Association crystallization. 

"We are very pleased to see that in China there are 22 manufacturers gained FLLA (Blu-ray Disc format and logo license agreement) authorization, was officially authorized to use the Blu-ray Disc format and logos, can the development, production and sales of Blu-ray disc products." Chairman of the China working Group Blu-ray Disc Association, Mr. Matsumura Chunxiao, "said the Chinese market Blu-ray Disc industry chain has been formed, but bigger and stronger, thanks to the joint efforts of these Blu-ray disc Association members and partners. we are very excited is that the Blu-ray disc format is being made in China with the same success last year in the U.S., Japan and Europe. "

"As the world's successor DVD, Blu-ray Disc format represents the future direction of the world's advanced technology and optical disc industry," Mr. China Hualu Group Chairman and Managing Director Chan Yun Sang said: "I am very pleased that our Chinese people's technology has been recognized by BDA of China Hualu Group will contain a BD DRA technology to promote industrialization in China and around the world, as an opportunity, we want to become the starting point of China 2009 Blu-ray market. "

"With the Chinese technology into Blu-ray Disc format, we will benefit from more opportunities to global markets, the" Rising Digital Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of Guangzhou Zhang Xingang, said: "We have successfully passed the technical evaluation DRA technology and ultimately accepted BDA become part of the Blu-ray disc format delighted this clearly demonstrates the DRA technology has reached the international level and we have made full preparations for the future and look forward to integrate Blu-ray Disc DRA technology for consumers to bring new entertainment experience. "

DRA technology: 

DRA technology in August 2007 a formal proposal to the Blu-ray Disc Association, the China Hualu Group, after two rounds of technical evaluation Blu-ray Disc Association in the United States and Japan, and eventually formally adopted. Throughout the assessment and evaluation process has taken the same steps as other competing technologies and standards, and follows a transparent and open manner.